“It is the lone worker who makes the first advance in a subject, but the more the world becomes
complicated, the less we are able to be successful without the collaboration of other people”.

Alexander Fleming (1881-1955)
Nobel prize in medicine, 1945



The choice of franchising comes from the need of providing a concrete and sustainable answer to new opportunity of an industry that is historically profitable but also difficult to access, through an anti-cyclical strategy, perfect for the current economical situation.
Choosing franchising as business model and supported strategically by WM Capital, that promotes the development of franchise network providing industrial and operational know-how as well as a qualified and international network, Dr Fleming is able to lead its franchisee in a successful growth inside an evolving market.
Thanks to a focused training, the process engineering , and innovative marketing solutions, Alexander Dr Fleming society offers a commercial formula, addressed to everybody, able to face successfully the market challenges.
We aim to reconsider the professional image of pharmacist and pharmacy key role inside the more complex health system, focusing on the quality of products and provided services.
In order to obtain this purpose Dr Fleming chooses as core concepts: services, competence and innovation.
Currently the industry experiences a period full of opportunities to open new pharmacies and health store on the Italian and international territory, medicine distribution sector offers new ways of investment addressed to new subjects, who were before excluded.
Alexander Dr Fleming proposition is based on two different formats: Pharmacy and Health Store.
• To open a pharmacy
: following the current regulations, this offer addresses to pharmacists or society of pharmacists, in possession of professional license, interested in rethink the professional position in a new perspective of health advisor.
• To open a health store: this opportunity is addressed to all entrepreneurs, pharmacists or not, who wants to invest in a profitable industry through an innovative format with a reliable and experienced partner.
Alexander Dr Fleming society requests its points of sale to be located in:
• Central area, with high pedestrian traffic density or area with a strong presence of commercial activities
• Important commercial malls
• Service stations
• Railway stations
• Harbors
• Airports

Store average area:
• Pharmacy: 100-150 m²
• Health Store: 80-120 m²

Stores must have:
• Minimum number of shop windows: 2
• Street corner position is preferred
• Double entrance for loading/unloading

Alexander Dr Fleming, according to current regulations, provides franchisees with useful analyses for the fulfillment of administrative and legal procedures. To guarantee the success of the network and of every store Alexander Dr Fleming society offers:
1- Brand
• Brand Image
• Brand Positioning
• Concept Store
2- Process Engineering that guarantees efficiency and control
• Control System (internal and external)
• Management Software
3- On-going technical and marketing training
• During Startup phase and later
• Specialized and ongoing training class
• Commercial Marketing techniques
• Administrative and legal strategies
4- Permanent assistance to the store

• Marketing and geo-marketing analyses and researches
• Customer loyalty techniques
• Visual Merchandising
• Supply of tools supporting sales and services providing
5- Improvement of marginality and profitability of the store
• Resources optimization
• Private label
• Supply of personalized services

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