Planning its network of pharmacies, Alexander Dr Fleming Ltd. started from the traditional pharmacy format and has then created a new model considering how the consumer behavior and the business core changed. To emphasize this historic change Dr Fleming chose Alessandro Luciani as store designer for its pharmacies and health stores. Luciani has been, both in 2011 and 2012, the winner of Italian Popai Awards and Global Popai Awards (Global Association for marketing at retail).

“Today we consider as essential to rethink the conventional approach to client reversing the traditional dynamics: it’s the pharmacist the one that must ease the client assisting him during the purchasing.
The client becomes the core of the attention and must feel comfortable while buying. Starting from these concepts we abolished all architectural barriers inside the store, and instead integrated some small designated positions facilitating the meeting between clients and pharmacist, providing an on-going assistance and avoiding long waiting line. Besides the employment of innovative technologies allows the pharmacist to assist the client also in line: the waiting time is no more a waste of time but a good occasion to receive new information and explanation. Distinctive element of the new concept is the strategic role represented by service delivery points inside the store. These areas will be characterized by a welcoming environment and guarantee the patient privacy in an extreme safe hygienic situation”


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